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Paul Gordon has 28 years of experience working the conflict-litigation cycle into opportunities for better living – better relationships, better business, and better life.

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Mr. Gordon believes in using mediation to find and create value, including the value of time.

Paul Gordon of Gordon Mediation LLC has training in both transformative and zero-sum dispute resolution. He will work with parties together or separately as they prefer and does not push one approach over another. He also offers other services, including arbitration, case evaluation, trial consulting, special master assistance, and law firm business consulting services.

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The Colorado Constitution requires the State of Colorado to provide its residents with a public place to present complaints against other businesses and individuals. The State created a system of courts “of record” and empowered the courts to establish and enforce resolutions to disputes. This process might be called “Primary Dispute Resolution.” However, residents may choose to pursue alternative procedures, which are sometimes called “Colorado Alternative Dispute Resolution” or “ADR.” Mediation is one form of ADR. To avoid the expense and uncertainty of trial, the parties to a dispute can hire a “neutral” or “mediator” to facilitate communication among the parties, who may find that the dispute has destroyed productive communications. As a mediator, Paul provides many years of trial experience and complex dispute experience to help the parties. At a time and place the parties select, Paul will provide the parties with focused attention on the dispute and knowledgeable shuttle diplomacy for the resolution.